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No matter where you live, someone you know needs Jesus today. It could be a hurting relative. Or a co-worker. A store clerk. Or even your own son or daughter. Their answer is Jesus. But first, they must hear.

Interested in outreach training for your church or group? Throughout the entire process, we’re here for you. You can schedule a free on-site, live training with one of Outreach Managers that will equip your group with both the skills and confidence to mobilize for home-to-home outreach. Our training sessions are fun and informative, and our Outreach Managers will coordinate the training details with you.

To book a training, contact:

David Schaal


It’s all about relationship. Learn to see the lost as Christ does with valuable outreach training.


Gain practical skills and methodology to confidently engage the lost.


This training focuses on the concept of harvest prayer.


Growth training to mentor those who’ve made a positive decision for Jesus.

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