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We’ve created a library of Engager topics you can order as you prepare for your outreach. Please check back regularly for new topics we’ve added to our library.

What Just Happened?

What Just Happened?

The What Just Happened? Engager uses prayer as a gateway to start conversations that naturally progress to Jesus. It was written to introduce prayer to unbelievers and to demonstrate compassion through the means of prayer. No matter where you go, you will encounter people who need prayer, because everyone has needs.

Experience shows that most people who are engaged with prayer welcome it — even when they have a different faith tradition.

The What Just Happened? Engager guides curious hearts to the amazing privilege of talking to God. It gives examples from Jesus’ ministry to help foster a discovery of who He is and builds confidence to pray by showing why we can communicate with God and that He always listens.

The Greatest Book You’ve Never Read

The Greatest Book You’ve Never Read

The Greatest Book You’ve Never Read Engager uses the Bible to create curiosity about the most influential book in human history and shows why this book has been so read, studied and debated.

What makes the Bible so life-changing is how it weaves the story of Jesus throughout its 66 books as it expresses God’s hope for mankind. This Engager invokes a deeper desire to read the Scriptures by highlighting the continuous narrative of God’s desire to have a relationship with us.

You are Amazing

You are Amazing

Inspiration for the You Are Amazing Engager came from a conversation that took place when a church group was evangelizing in a city. A man in the group approached a drug-addicted homeless woman in a local park and told her, “You are amazing!” Although it was a bold thing for him to do, the hurting woman had never heard those words before. She had a life-changing revelation as this man explained to her how God loved her and saw her as amazing.

This Engager was written to share this life- changing truth with those who may feel unworthy or who may not understand their true value. It also shares examples of people in the Bible to help explain our own identities in Christ.

Who Was He?

Who Was He?

The Who Was He? Engager introduces Jesus to those who don’t yet know Him. People we encounter every day may have vastly different ideas about who Jesus is, but they also have an innate curiosity about Him because of His profound, unrivaled impact on history and our world today.

This Engager was written to draw the unengaged into a deeper search for the truth about Jesus, and it invites readers to ponder who He was by gently guiding their attention to the Scriptures to learn more about Him.

Happiness is the Truth

Happiness is the Truth

The Happiness is the Truth Engager uses our universal pursuit of happiness to start conversations about what it actually takes to be happy and explains that living a life of purpose is a large part of the happiness equation.

This Engager also focuses on the importance of understanding why we were created as an answer to the continual struggle to find happiness and knowing that true happiness comes from the joy of a relationship with Jesus.

A Place to Belong

A Place to Belong

The A Place to Belong Engager discusses our innate need to belong and speaks about the struggle we face to feel meaningfully connected to others. Designed in partnership with National Back to Church Sunday, this Engager can be used to generate conversations about unconditional acceptance and how the Church was intentionally designed by God as a place to know and receive true belonging.

The poster on the inside explains God's intention for the Church as a place to belong, encouraging readers to explore their own purpose and belonging in a faith community. A church-shaped word art graphic illustrates the broad scope of the Church's ministry, using relatable language to help demystify Church culture.

By sharing an Engager, you open a door that can change lives forever. Imagine bringing Jesus' hope to your neighbor, your city or your nation. To learn more about the National Back to Church Sunday movement, visit



The Star: Journey to the Unexpected Engager introduces four themes for the weeks of Advent (love, joy, peace, and hope) and invites the reader to ponder the true gift of Christmas.

The opening section appeals to the anticipation and wonder of the Christmas season. As we age, we can lose that excitement. We come to realize that no matter how great the presents under the tree, they do not answer the questions and challenges of adult life.

Because of advertising and iconic cultural images, the central figures of the Christmas story are relatively familiar, even for the unchurched. This Engager takes these familiar characters of the story and confronts the reader with the unexpected nature of their journeys. It points to the reality that God meets individuals in surprising ways.



Esta primera sección fue diseñada para introducir el concepto de la oración. Esta sección muestra como cualquier persona puede comunicarse con Dios a través de la oración; también desmitifica las suposiciones sobre la oración al quitarle los requerimientos, las metodologías, y los rituales que pueden causar que alguien se sienta descalificado para orar.

Una sección del poster explica como Dios en verdad nos ve- como sus hijos preciosos con quien Él quiere tener una relación continua. Al usar la representación relacionable de una relación de padre a hijo, mostramos que Dios es semejante un Padre presente, personal y compasivo, y no a una deidad inalcanzable que está escondido en los cielos.



Esta Engager responde la pregunta “¿Seré increíble?” y afirma nuestro significado y valor más allá de lo que hayamos logrado o no hayamos logrado en nuestras vidas. ¡Esto resalta la realidad de que todos tienen un deseo de saber si son “suficientes” y como es que este deseo es perfectamente satisfecho por un creador que nos hizo en Su imagen!

Este póster da varias afirmaciones bíblicas que describen como Dios nos ve. Está diseñado para alentar a los que no se sienten dignos y para mostrar que Dios nos llama a tener una relación con Él, sin importar donde en la vida nos encontremos.